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Zoology Animals

From giraffes, elephants and flamingos to zebras, penguins and sloths choose your favourite animal from our zoology collection. Get wild with a pair of socks or add a pop of colour with a beautiful watch or bag. There are plenty of colourful designs to choose from featuring your favourite zoological animal.

Penguins in paper hats Christmas card

'The Office Party' penguin card

Toucan inspirational card

'Dance like no one is watching' toucan card

Sloth inspirational card

'Be Yourself' sloth card

Flamingo inspirational card

'Be a Flamingo' flamingo card


'Demand a Recount' age 50 birthday card


Let's Get Trunk' age 40 birthday card


'Bear on Me' age 30 birthday card

Elephant family new home card

'Packed your Trunks' elephant new home card

Sloth big hug card

'Little Card Big Hug' sloth card

Llama birthday card

'How Old???' llama birthday card

Giraffe and calf new baby card

'A New Arrival' giraffe new baby card

Penguin congratulations card

'Hoooray!' penguin congratulations card

Elephant new baby boy card

'Precious Boy' elephant new baby card

Giraffe with flowers in its mouth birthday card

'Birthday Flowers' giraffe birthday card

Flamingo birthday card

'Birthday Girl' flamingo birthday card

Giraffe water bottle

'Flowers' giraffe water bottle


'Pretty in Pink' Flamingo Bottle Bag

Penguin bookmark

'The Emperor' penguin Bookmark

Flamingo Scarf

'Pink Lady' flamingo scarf

Giraffe keyring

'Flowers' giraffe keychain


'Zoology' double sided gift wrap


'Three of a Kind' koala enclosure card

Panda mini card

'Bamboozled' bamboo enclosure card

Giraffe mini card

'First Kiss' giraffe enclosure card


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