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Our mission statement

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful products of the highest quality that are sustainably sourced and produced with the environment in mind. Take a look at how we are trying to minimise our impact on the environment to preserve the flora and fauna which forms an integral part of our brand.

How we're making a difference

We use recycled paper filler

We have replaced bubble wrap and plastic air-filled pockets with recycled paper filler which is also recyclable.

Our boxes fit to size

We use a variety of box sizes made from sustainably sourced cardboard, which are appropriate for the size of the order. This reduces the need for additional packaging.

We remove pointless plastic

We remove any unnecessary plastic packaging to reduce our impact on the environment. Currently, 97% of our range is packaged completely plastic free.

Eco-friendly product ranges

We’re constantly looking for ways to introduce reusable options into our product ranges, such as our water bottles and foldable shopping bags.

We work with sustainable charities

We work with charities that support sustainable causes such as the Marine Conservation Society who work towards cleaner, better-protected and healthier oceans.

Sustainably resourced materials

We use uncoated paper from responsibly managed forests for all our greeting cards and stationery. All our paper-based products and packaging are recyclable and we are sourcing more recycled materials.

Locally sourced products

We try and source our products locally where possible to reduce our carbon footprint - we are proud to say that 88% of our total product offering is made in the UK.

We planted 27,000 trees

Hannah and Jack, with the help of the Wrendale team, planted 50 acres of native mixed woodland in 2021 on their farm as part of a re-wilding project.

Ongoing improvements

  • We continue to seek alternatives to plastic packaging as improvements in technology occur.
  • We undertake a full audit in the product development process ensuring that any protective packaging is absolutely necessary and reduce the amount of plastic wherever possible.
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • We are increasing our use of recycled and sustainably sourced materials within our product ranges.
  • We strive to reduce waste where possible throughout the product development process and in wider business operations.
  • We are committed to using transportation methods with the lowest environmental impact. We have pledged to ship no more than 2% of our inbound bulk stock, based on volume, by air to reduce our carbon footprint.

Explore our sustainable ranges

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful products of the highest quality that are sustainably sourced and produced with the environment in mind. There are always challenges along the way, but we always strive to minimize our impact on the environment wherever we can.

Our Vision

Wrendale aspires to be one of the best giftware brands globally and a household name across the world.

We hope our customers who form part of the wider Wrendale community will love the brand not only for the products which are high quality, sustainably sourced, rich in unique detail and always deliver a smile, but also for the whole ‘Wrendale experience’.

This encompasses all round excellence from creative marketing and beautiful packaging to world class customer service. The success and sense of achievement is shared by an exceptional team who together form the core of the ‘Wrendale Family’, committed to delivering the vision and creating a happy and fulfilling environment.

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